Cultured Couture Vintage Grand Opening

Cultured Couture Vintage Grand Opening
May 9, 2011 Curran

Have you ever known about a nice clothing store to go get some exclusive pieces from or a hidden restaurant that was affordable with excellent cuisine and kept it to yourself? Well I used to have that same mentality until I came to the realization that “Kings Rule Together”.  I would like to introduce Cultured Couture Vintage. Culture Couture Vintage is newly renovated vintage boutique that specializizes in resourcing and selling men’s & women’s luxury vintage garments at an affordable price. Catered to the stylish individual, owner Erik Honesty (Arts, Beats & Eats Best Dressed Winner) recently had his grand opening, which the Coach Tawfeeq Gaines, Aaron & Gianni of Babyloncartel & myself stopped by. I encourage people to support this new entrepreneur. Ruling together means supporting each other! K.R.T.

Cultured Couture vintage
703 west girard avenue
philadelphia pa 19122

mon-sat 10am to 7pm
sunday closed

Photos by Myself & Marvin Burwell

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  1. Jasmine 8 years ago

    this place looks cool! i used to live at 715 west girard.. (random) lol, it’s nice to see some color in the old neighborhood!

  2. Rakia 8 years ago

    This looks awesome! Send me the owners info so we can add this to and uwishunu.

    sooo choice!

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