Day the Sun Never Set #Dayparty 7.16.11

Day the Sun Never Set #Dayparty 7.16.11
July 14, 2011 Curran

“Take a break from nightlife and enjoy life in the sun”

Socializing with friends is no longer reserved for the nighttime. Cities like D.C. are known for having day parties and the trend is catching on in major cities.  With the help of Gianni Lee of Babyloncartel, Tyrone Dixon of LTM Marketing, Ed Brown of Abstract Thought and myself, we are working to bring unique and innovative events to the city. “The Day the Sun Never Set” is just the beginning.

Purchase your 10$ tickets —–>

Held at Shampoo outdoor tent 7th and Willow Street, The Day the Sun Never Set will feature

Check out this promo video directed by Gianni Lee.

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