Arts, Beats & Eats "Health & Wellness" 8.7.11

Arts, Beats & Eats "Health & Wellness" 8.7.11
August 5, 2011 Curran

Each first Sunday of the month Shaheed Rucker of Change Makers, Gianni Lee of Babylon Cartel and myself plan a social mixer called Arts, Beats & Eats. Arts Beats & Eats features different local vendors and artists that display their latest projects. Complimentary buffet is served for guests as they socialize to further their careers goals while listening to great music and monthly featured spoken word artists and comedians.

Arts, Beats & Eats contributes to the well-being of society through health initiatives and community service efforts. It is an event where individuals can grow personally and professionally. Monthly themes focus on “giving back” through toy, book, clothing and food drives. Other themes include educating our guests on health, political and social ills that plague our community.

This month’s theme is “Health & Wellness”.

I also will be doing Arts Beats & Eats Best Dressed Spotlight where I will give the  best dressed gentleman of the night a style feature on Kings Rule Together.

Arts Beats & Eats will be held June 5th 2011 at Primo Bacio Ristorante (8460 Limekiln Pike ) Towers at Wyncote from 7 pm-11 pm.

Get your tickets in advance for 10$  http://artsbeatseats.event​


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  1. Rosella Magaziner 8 years ago

    Fascinating point of view! I am quite interested in your post with more ideas. It could be even more useful in the long run.

    Thanks and hope that you’ll have all the best,

    • Author
      Curran J Swint 8 years ago

      Thank you and glad you enjoyed it. Next arts, Beats & Eats is September 5th “school supply Dr”

  2. Barley Green 8 years ago

    Ola! Kingsruletogether,
    Interesting Thoughts, There Eating disorders is one of the most misunderstood disorders that plaque’s millions of people throughout the world every year. This disease is sometimes called the silent killer as many times it can go undetected for many years before even family and friends realize something is wrong. There are many different eating disorders but we will concentrate on the more popular ones and some tips to help you beat them.
    Keep up the good work

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