Chop it Up with Mothers In Charge

Chop it Up with Mothers In Charge
August 22, 2011 Curran

“Voice of the Young people”

What would your perfect male or female look like? Trey Songz, Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj were the answers the young adults at The Leon Sullivan building gave on a Saturday morning. Those are some of the people that today’s generation look up to. Concerned Black Men, myself & a few others, were given the opportunity to participate in a mini presentation workshop for Mothers In Charge called “Chop It Up”. The phrase “chop it up” simply means to converse or to have a conversation with someone. “Chop It Up” was an opportunity for me to advocate to the many young folks affected by violence, while also encouraging and motivating them. Although, this wasn’t my first time talking to young adults, I must admit, I was a bit nervous.

I take a lot of pride in community affairs as a young gentleman because I feel as though kids can enjoy my story and relate to me because of our age similarities. Receiving advice from my peers was not an option for me while growing up; it was always someone much older. The main message I wanted to get across was to be yourself and get your education. Also, showing and telling them the things that I have accomplished as well as the struggles I have encountered. – K.R.T.

A King’s advice to young adults:

  • Take school seriously
  • Get a job: There is nothing wrong working at McDonald’s
  • Save your money while still living with your parents
  • Dressing a certain way you will be approach a certain way
  • Carry yourself with respect
  • Pull your pants up
  • If your going to get tattoos avoid face/hands
  • Dress appropriately
  • Build a relationship with your parents or a older person
  • Stay away from reality Tv

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  1. Shen Dove 9 years ago

    You gave the teens great advice! I think it’s so important for younger adults to mentor and encourage teens. We understand them better because there isn’t a huge generational gap to bridge.

    • Author
      Curran J Swint 9 years ago

      Thank you Shen dove.

  2. Marcia Hopkins 9 years ago

    This is awesome, It was so great that you all took the time out to partner with us for this event. It truly was a great day, Im looking forward to expanding and maybe all doing something again with the youth! Mothers In Charge, and Chop It Up thanks you!

    • Author
      Curran J Swint 9 years ago

      your welcome and thanks for the opportunity

  3. Art Grandy 9 years ago

    I would’ve been pleased to speak with a group of younger adults because they need guidance. They’re missing the help they need in learning how to be thmselves and not let the heavy influence of their peers affect them, if it isn’t positive. I love the fact that you could give them a piece of knowledge and certain vision on learning to respect themselves. I definitely agree that, coming from ones closer in age gives them a certain security to know they can trust your word more genuinely because you’re talking to them and not at them.

    Much Respect

  4. Mr Suave 9 years ago

    Nice article man, I plan on doing something similar with the youth in my own city.

    By the way just stumbled upon the blog a week or two ago, love it, good to see fashion/lifestyle from a young black masculine perspective.

    • Author
      Curran J Swint 9 years ago

      Thanks for reading. Appreciate it!


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