K.R.T. x Freek Ugly

K.R.T. x Freek Ugly
October 13, 2011 Curran

“I always wanted someone to draw me in a cartoonist like character”

Started in 2006, Freekugly Lifestyle Group began creating a familiar but different form of art. Freekugly Lifestyle Group artistically expresses themselves by creating cartoon artists that mirror the image of some of the people we know best but they add a little bit of “Freekugly” to their work of art. Founder and artist, Kareem is always working to produce a cartoon character everyday for 365 days straight. Kareem also creates, and sells distinct but innovative apparel.  Promoting the term Ugly is not so commonly used in today’s society but Freekugly Lifestyle Group shows you the beauty in the term “ugly” but in an artistic manner. – K.R.T.

Can you guess who these characters below are?

“The inspiration behind the characters, is somewhat how I see things.  I tend to find humor in all things, even some things that I shouldn’t. A lot of the characters are based off of people I know, celebrities, and personalities that I create or have come across.” – Kareem

You can find more of his work at

Website:  http://www.freekugly.bigcartel.com

Karmaloop:  http://www.karmaloop.com/browse?VendorId=6731

Twitter:  @freekugly

Tumblr:  pureugliness.tumblr.com

Available at:

Status- 252 south st
Kamouflage Concept Store- Cheltenham Square Mall
Lodge 215- 177 West Girard Avenue
Pass & Stow- 204 Mill St  Bristol, PA


Comments (3)

  1. Funny yet., Flyy (coined phrase)…lol

  2. Dakkar 8 years ago

    funny but cute.

  3. Drew-Shane 8 years ago

    Definitely going to grab me a few pieces!

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