Behind The King: K.R.T. Academy

Behind The King: K.R.T. Academy
November 16, 2011 Curran

In this Photo: We had one of the nerds take our picture with his camera while the photographers Chris Ackrivo & Misha Vaksman caught shots of him doing so.

K.R.T. Academy featured 19 guys including myself that created one of the most memorable moments of my life. Eager to let this story unfold, I cannot express enough how much joy that day brought. It was an honor that I was able to bring forth so many gentlemen for this project. K.R.T. Academy began, as a mere idea that I figured if it was going to happen, now is a better time than ever. I figured this was a way to highlight my styling abilities as well as other young Kings that I work with on a day-to-day basis.

 Making sure everything during the day of the shoot was perfect, the photographer and myself scooped out the location to avoid a normal gorilla shoot. This action was in effort to maintain organization, since after all we were working with a lot of people.

 The initial idea for the K.R.T. Academy photo shoot was to imitate a stereotypical school scene. For example, nerds getting bullied by jocks that destroyed everything in their way, preps acting stuck up, and rebels being bad boys.  Staying true to my style, my individuality, and of course myself I quickly redirected my initial idea. I began to think about my time in school and visualizing my characteristics in each person. I was popular (jock), class clown (rebel), gentleman (Prep) & even though my grades weren’t the best I always had wisdom (nerd).

K.R.T. Academy was designed to inspire and impact the lives of people around the world, especially the youth. – K.R.T.

In this photo: Dara *the nerd with the red suspenders” actually knew the University of Penn campus cop. We thought he was coming over to tell us to leave but that wasn’t the case.  So we were laughing at the fact that they were having a conversation. Look on the bench and you can see the mess we were making.

In this photo: I honestly don’t know what I was doing at the present time. All I know is that we did this shoot early september and it was a hot day. We all had on fall gear but it really wasn’t that bad. I guess we were all just excited about the history we were making that we forgot to sweat.

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