Black Is Beautiful 4 *Photos & Recap Video*

Black Is Beautiful 4 *Photos & Recap Video*
November 28, 2011 Curran

 Photo: The organizers of Black Is Beautiful Curtis Bryant, Shaheed Rucker, Gianni Lee and Myself Curran J.

Nationally Black Friday is known for sleeping outside of stores to get bigger and better televisions, ridiculously long lines, and guaranteed “ amazing deals.” In Philadelphia, Black Friday is known for being the day when the most sophisticated formal event in the city is held- Black is Beautiful.

This year was our fourth year hosting the event.  Dj Ricochet and Live drummer/artist Populartyin provided the evening’s musical entertainment. Catered by the venue with great tasting delicacies.   S.W.A.G. (Swag with Art Group), Acrylic paintings by Jay Taylor, Glass painting by Camille Safiya along with Photography Portraits by Nik C Photography  adorned the space  which created an atmosphere for what many have already described as an amazing event.

Shaheed RuckerCurtis Bryant, Gianni Lee  and myself would like to take this time to thank each guest for understanding our vision to allow individuals to gather and network in the name of art, entertainment, self expression and actually making it reality at this year’s Black is Beautiful event. We look forward to seeing you next year at Black is Beautiful 5 – K.R.T.

Check out the photography by Lamont D Nyce & Atiba Green from Black Is Beautiful 4 HERE.

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