K.R.T. Press: Kneehighsandlove, Essence, N3magazine & Skltnmag

K.R.T. Press: Kneehighsandlove, Essence, N3magazine & Skltnmag
November 8, 2011 Curran


During my trip to New York Fashion Week 2011, I had the pleasure of meeting Shana also known as @Queen_lovee. An inspiration to the fashion scene and with a powerful voice Shana is known not only for highlighting essential fashion topics but also educating her followers on other life skill topics, something that fashion bloggers rarely engage in. Shana featured me on her site. Check it out HERE .


Street style photo of myself in the streets of Philadelphia. Photo taken by Hannan Saleh


I had the privilege to photograph Marcus Sucram, the owner of the Skltn Magazine during one of my Street Kings series during the summer. I was intrigued by his look and eager to capture some stills of him. Always prepared for new ideas and challenge after maintaining communication, I allowed Marcus Sucram to interview me in the presents of my home. This was the first time an interview of this caliber was done. Needless to say, good things come to those with an open-mind. Now you can find me in the second issue of Skltn Magazine. Check it out HERE.


N3 Magazine is a digital publication reporting on all global trends, persons and events that are NOW, NEW and NEXT. I found out about them through a group on facebook. I’m honored to be featured on their site.


Local artist/musician Iye Yinde of Populart Yin was seen on Essence online rocking K.R.T. “Kings Inspire Kings” Tee. Photography by Hannan Saleh




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