ABE Best Dressed Spotlight: Basquiat Yin

ABE Best Dressed Spotlight: Basquiat Yin
January 12, 2012 Curran

“Its not a competition, just apart of the everyday lifestyle”

Arts, Beats and Eats is a event that is designed to bring out the best in its attendees from choices of music, conversation and even style. Promoting uniqueness and individuality, every first Sunday I scope the room looking for the guy that deserves the Arts, Beats and Eats Best Dressed Spotlight.

Every first Sunday when I am judging the attendees of Arts, Beats and Eats I take a few key points in consideration. These key points are originality, enhancement, and overall swagger. Now that the protocol has been established you will have a clear understanding on how I went about selecting January 2012 winner. Basquiat Yin. Some may be familiar with this West Philadelphia artist as he has been our featured live artist multiple times at Arts, Beats and Eats but he is also a musician, curator, director, designer and philanthropist. Congratulations Basquiat Yin on winning Arts, Beats and Eats best dressed spotlight for January 2012. –K.R.T.

You can find Yin at his event ARTumnalEquinox this Sunday January 15th at The Vox Art Building 11th & Wood st from 5pm-7pm.

Iye Yinde wardrobe Description:

  • Vintage Racer Frames
  • H&M creme turtle neck
  • Fox fur
  • Bracelets by ALS
  • H&M faded blue denim
  • Minnetonka Boots
What do you think of Basquiat Yin’s look?

(Check out the previous winner Tawfeeq Gaines)

Arts, Beats and Eats event Photos HERE

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