A King's Trade Show experience: Toms Eyewear | Project LV

A King's Trade Show experience: Toms Eyewear | Project LV
February 16, 2012 Curran

 “Sight means education and opportunity” – Toms

I get this question every day, “Are those prescription glasses or are they just for fun.”  This initiative from Toms Eyewear is very dear to me. I realized how  important my vision is to my craft and rarely do I think about how many people dont have the means to correct their vision . So my answer is, yes these are prescription. – K.R.T.

When I saw this booth at Project Las Vegas and thought I should share this with my followers. Their are so many people with vision problems and with every purchase of sun glasses, Toms will help give sight to a person in need whether it be from a prescription glasses, sight-saving surgery or medical treatment. Their goal is to help to give sight to people in need all around the world, and they are starting with Nepal, Cambodia and Tibet.

What will you do to see change in the world?

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