A King's Event: Dukes Inspire Kings Recap

A King's Event: Dukes Inspire Kings Recap
March 19, 2012 Curran


“A key to success is consistent quality branding. Personal & professional.” 

Anyone that knows me personally knows I am not a fan of public speaking. Even though you may find me with a mic in my hand occasionally,  its usually never by preference.  I feel that once you’re in a position to lead, you must step up to the plate and do so. That was my thought process on March 8, 2012, when I was nervously waiting to present at the Apple Store for “Dukes Inspire Kings.”

Once I saw the amount of people that came out to support Seun Olubosum and myself for our collaboration event with HyloBoutiques, the excitement presented was unmatched compared to what I was actually feeling. We ended up having a full house, packed with people from all over to come watch us as we  discussed our companies and brands.  We focused mainly on the beneficial roles that technology and social media has played with brand-building in today’s market. – K.R.T.

Here’s a recap of my presentation;

Kings Rule Together Presents: “The Four C’s” (+ 1):

Conception: Ironically Kings do not really rule together.  Working with men that I consider to be a Kings, enhances my growth as a person physically and mentally. The concept behind Kings Rule Together is building unity amongst all Kings. 

Creation: The content I used to build my blog and brand. I created segments like Kings Inspire Kings, Street Kings, and editorial style posts.

Connection: How I use social networks like Lookbook.nu, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr to build my following, as well as connecting with my customers on and off of the internet.

Change: Whats next to come for Myself and Kings Rule Together.

Collaboration: Putting egos aside to work with like minded individuals. By working together we’re ruling together, making a more powerful impact in our communities.

Here is the video I added to my presentation answering questions from some of my fans:

It turned out to be a extraordinary event, leaving me motivated and even more passionate about what I do.
 Special thanks to everybody that came out and supported and the photographers Andre’ Wright Jr. and Dominique Nichole.


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  1. Imani 8 years ago

    Great post, the event was even greater! Keep up the good work and inspiring others


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