Street Queens | Fashion on 17th st

Street Queens | Fashion on 17th st
May 29, 2012 Curran

“a few styles on one street corner”

The other day, while posted on 17th and Samson, I was holding my camera while engaged in a conversation with my friends Shaheed and BigRube.  My eyes were wandering, looking around for that one person that deserved a snap shot. I noticed a few well-dressed women which cut our conversation short, they stood out to me amongst the crowded street.

Cara, an assistant manager at Free People (located on Walnut street), told me that her job was her life, and it was something that she enjoyed because she gets to be around “beautiful clothing and people.” She was wearing two pieces of clothing from her job (her shirt and kimono), she pieced them perfectly with a pair of shorts, and a few accessories.

Danielle Massey works at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Her look stuck out to me because it was a mix between new and classic. Her skirt, jewelry and shoes were thrifted, and her tunic was purchased from Forever 21 nearly ten years ago. Mixing old and new is a skill, and she certainly possesses it.

Last but not least, I met a young Queen named Alicia DeLarge. She wore a striped black and gray sleeveless button up, a loose knit patterned maxi skirt, and laced Chinese Laundry boots. The maxi skirt is a look that has been trending for a while now, definitely a keeper in my opinion.  As an accessory she placed a brown braided belt over the skirt with a detailed knot,  which made the belt stand out. Along with those accessories she wore a silver Tiffany’s bracelet, a silver knotted bracelet, and red coral bracelet that were thrifted, and a yellow necklace that was purchased at Buffalo Exchange.

These women were effortlessly fashionable, appropriate for leisure and the work place, and they all definitely inspired me. – K.R.T.

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