A King’s Essential: Armstrong & Wilson Pocket Square

A King’s Essential: Armstrong & Wilson Pocket Square
June 4, 2012 Curran

“It’s ok to be a square”

There was a time when I would wear a blazer without a pocket square and thought nothing of it. Maybe because I thought of it as just a handkerchief with no real purpose, or maybe it just reminded me of old men. I never realized how much of an impact this small accessory could make on an outfit, giving it that perfect polish. Every time I see a well dressed man in a suit or blazer, I look to see if he has a pocket square or how he accessorizes his look. Now whenever I wear a blazer of any kind, pocket squares are my go to accessory.

I can’t wear just any pocket square though, I like brands that are fresh and innovated in their esthetic, quality, and uniqueness, like Armstrong & Wilson. The brand offers a plethora of style options and color combinations, patterns, and textures. Each square is topped off with a button, bringing that touch of uniqueness.

The creators of Armstrong & Wilson happen to be two of Esquire Magazine’s “Best Dressed Real Men” finalist’s. Ontario Armstrong(2009) & Clifton Wilson(2006).

In the photos below I choose to incorporate 3 different pocket squares to three different looks. In my humble opinion, a pocket square should be key essential in a King’s wardrobe. – K.R.T.

Available for purchase at Armstrong & Wilson.

Look 1: Hipster | Back Pocket

Curran collage one

This style has been more commonly used with a bandanna but fashion rules are meant to be broken. Therefore, add some spice to your blazer pockets this summer and go floral or maybe try a nice plaid pattern!

A King’s wardrobe Description:

  • “The Florist” teal trim by Armstrong & Wilson
  • The Florist” purple trim by Armstrong & Wilson
  • Vintage shirt
  • Healing Bracelet by ALS
  • Jeans by Naked & Famous
  • Shoes by Saks Fifth Ave

Look 2: Prep | Vest Pocket

curran collage 2

The key to any look is by making it work for you. As the weather breaks you will find yourself breaking into more colors and trying new ideas to separate away from the typical hot weather attire.

A King’s wardrobe Description: 

  • Pink button up by Club Monaco
  • Tie and Tie clip from His Exclusively
  • Sunshine” by Armstrong & Wilson
  • Plaid x Jean vest by Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Weekender Bag by 611 Lifestyle
  • Pinstripe seersucker pants by Energie
  • Plaid Jack Purcells Sneakers

Look 3: Business Casual  | Blazer Pocket

Curran collage 3

When starting to wear a pocket square this is the most classic and common way to wear one. Work your way from wearing it the basic way gradually up to a more adventurous direction as shown above.

A King’s wardrobe Description: 

  • Mad Man Madras” red trim pocket square by Armstrong and Wilson
  • Blazer by Brooks Brothers
  • Button Up by Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Belt by Club Monaco
  • Chino pants by Rugby
  • Saddle shoes by Polo Ralph Lauren

Photography by Ricky Codio

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