K.R.T. Cares | Career Days Recap

K.R.T. Cares | Career Days Recap
June 18, 2012 Curran

“A small visit can have a huge impact”

When we were younger, most schools had what was known as a “Career Day.” This day would consist of professionals coming in to discuss what their occupation was, what went on throughout their day, and the steps that it would take to get there. Of course it was great that they came to speak with the students, but there was a running pattern in regards to their occupations. These people were normally police officers, fire fighters, doctors, teachers and lawyers, which was perfectly fine.

The reality was that not everyone was going to grow up to be any of these things. Myself on the other hand, had no desire to be either of these things. I am proud to say that I grew up to do the things that I love just as those people did, which is something that students need to see.

In an age where celebrities are at the forefront of the media, they act as role models.  They have played a huge part in the subliminal effect on prospective parenting whether they like it or not. Every step they take and every word they say can change a boat load of a youth’s lifestyle who desire to be just like them someday, even if it is either for the better or the worst. That is the main reason I feel the need to be somewhat involved in my community or going back to my old neighborhoods simply because of the influence I have on others and the inspiration I believe I can give. This was exactly such support and encouragement coming from a well-known person that can be critical for many teenagers at a time when they’re making important choices, either in exam subjects or further education.

I was invited recently to partake in Ziegler & Anna B. Day Elementary as well as West Philadelphia, Germantown High School, Abraham Lincoln, Ben Franklin and Samuel Fels’ high schools for their career days.

I attended inner city schools my entire life, and was glad that these schools invited me to speak to their students. I explained to them that they could achieve their goals just as I have and still am,  if they truly put the hard work and effort into them. I spoke to them about Kings Rule Together and the meaning behind my brand. I urged for them to take their education seriously.

It felt good to see that the students were actually listening as well as engaged in the things that I had to say. The best part of all, was the fact that they asked me so many questions at each of the schools that I was invited to as well as sent me follow up emails.  The students received some KRT apparel and seemed very excited about the line and the message that it had to offer.

 (Left to right) The Young King, Justin (DNTN the Brand), Yusuf Muhammad (Rated Rookie), Don Scott (Owner of DNTN the Brand) and Byron Purnell (Owner of LNF- Love Never Fails clothing) at West Philadelphia High School.

 (Left to Right) the Young King, Julz Simon (Vth-Color) and Nehamiah Davis (Neo Daviso) at Anna B. Day Elementary 

 The Young King at Samuel Fels High school.

(Left to Right) Dj Swizzy Mack, Dj Dirty South Joe and The Young King at Abraham Lincoln High School

(Left to Right) Actor Roni Graham, Simon “One Punch” Carr and Rube “Big Rube” Harley at Ziegler Elementary School

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  1. Pheralyn 7 years ago

    Hello Curran,
    Thank you for this inspiring post. But most of all, thank you for being a positive role model for the young people in our schools! Your presence means so much, even to someone like me who is way beyond school days. I am not ashamed to say that I graduated from Germantown High School in 1973. Yes it’s been 39 years! And I recently attended my 35th college reunion at Hampton University. If anything, I am more committed to giving back than ever and have just taken on mentoring a young woman in my neighborhood who is a recent Overbrook High graduate. I feel I can motivate her – help her make her dreams come true. And even though I am an old head, I love your brand! Keep doing what you do. Keep being you.
    Blessings Always!

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