K.R.T. x NBHB Heart Brker Pin Collab

K.R.T. x NBHB Heart Brker Pin Collab
June 4, 2012 Curran

“putting your heart into your art and breaking limitations”

Kings Rule Together second time collaborating on a product is with the Philadelphia based brand Natrl Born Heart Brkers. Natrl Born Heart Brkers is all about putting your heart into your art and breaking limitations, which is what Kings Rule Together is all about.  I decide to incorporate the popular  “Kings INSPIRE Kings,” and “Queens INSPIRE Kings” Designs into the pins because  I believe in these motto’s wholeheartedly. In an effort to continue sharing these beliefs, Natrl Born Heart Brkers and I decided that another collaboration was the best option.

As you can see from the video, the pins are hand painted and crafted with precision and care. The finished product is a reflection of the heart of both brands, and can be chosen in 4 different styles for Kings and Queens alike. – K.R.T.

The K.R.T. X NBHB collaborative pins can be found HERE.

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  1. TTG 7 years ago

    Great stuff. Been looking for something like this. Will definitely be checking it out!

  2. Jetsetter 7 years ago

    Nice post. Just gave me some inspiration for some designs i thought of. Thanks

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