Kings Inspire Kings Video | DJ Aktive

Kings Inspire Kings Video | DJ Aktive
June 14, 2012 Curran

“Consistency, consistency, consistency” – Dj Aktive 

The young King recently interviewed Philadelphia-based DJ, DJ Aktive. Dj Aktive is currently the tour DJ for Kanye West. Throughout, the years he has worked with Philadelphia R & B artist, Musiq Soulchild, R & B recording artist, Marsha Ambrosius, and others.

DJing is not just about playing everyone’s favorite music, because if that was the case we all could be a DJ. Just like any other craft, there is an artistry behind DJing. This day and age many of the up and coming  DJ’s do not stay true to the original art form of DJing, because of technology progressing and everything becoming more simplified. DJ Aktive on the other hand is a well-rounded DJ who has taken the time to perfect his craft, knowing both how to mix and scratch.

“I taught myself how to mix,” DJ Aktive explains in the video. “As far as scratching I learned that from Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money, and DJ Demo.”

DJ Aktive in the video is sporting one of Kings Rule Together’s “Young King” shirts, and speaks of how he likes the KRT line as a whole, because of its overall message- “Unity.” He explains in the video his style when performing as a DJ, as well as offering advice to up and coming DJ’s.

His closing statement was that with anything that you do, consistency will always remain the key to success and I couldn’t have said that any better myself.

Kings Inspire Kings Video | Dj Aktive from Kings Rule Together on Vimeo.

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