A King's Journey: London, England

A King's Journey: London, England
October 4, 2012 Curran

 “It’s not the destination it’s the Journey” 

Visiting the great city of London, England was always a dream/goal of mine.  I didn’t know how soon it would be nor that I would be there with two of my closest friends Shaheed and Nehemiah. My main reason for going was to experience London Fashion week first hand. Although I would be going for the last two days It was a something I wanted to partake in. Needless to say I didn’t want to come back.

London as a whole has a lot character. Three words I would use to describe London would be alive, fast, and royal. Compared to America it’s a mix of Philadelphia, New York and Washington D.C. in my eyes. Philadelphia for its new/old town structure, communities, tough, gritty and independent artist. New York for its fast pace atmosphere, diversity, fashion capital and big city. D.C. for it’s museums, history and hows its protecting its Queen (White House aka Buckingham Palace).

As far as shopping there were too many options. I explored all around London with a London native La Touche who I recently met during my trip to New York. He took me everywhere, via walking or the London Underground which might be one of the easiest train systems I ever used. I didn’t buy much from these stores mainly  because one, I didn’t have that much space in my lugagge to take things back with me and two the customer service sucked. My mother always told me if you walk into a store and they don’t speak then don’t buy anything from them. Thanks Mom for saving me money lol.

Before going I heard much distaste about the food over there but everything I ate was actually very good. Maybe because I like pretty much anything except for these Turkish pancakes that were suggested to me.

It’s always good to learn about and experience new cultures. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to do so in the great city of London. May it be the first of many more trips to come. – K.R.T.

DAY 1 : Tourist Attractions


DAY 2: Picture perfect at Harrods


DAY 3: Meeting the London Friends 

DAY 4 & 5: The King Visits The Queen


 Stay tuned for the next A King’s Journey……….

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  1. So wonderful that you were able to experience london and have such a wonderful good time. God willing much more to come. The world is huge.
    Keep me posted good brother. All the best, Jamaaladeen Tacuma

  2. Chris 7 years ago

    Dope blog post !!! I digg it

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