K.R.T. Cares: GenerationNext: Uncovered

K.R.T. Cares: GenerationNext: Uncovered
December 27, 2012 Curran

“How do you feel pop culture influences peoples perception of sex?” -DJ Damage (GenerationNext: Uncovered)

Recently Kings Rule Together had the opportunity to be part of a great production titled “GenerationNext: Uncovered” which was produced, directed, and written by Shenille Latrice, CEO & Founder of iChoose2live.

This documentary features over 20 Philadelphia Teens discussing REAL life issues about SEX. Majority of the kids were styled in K.R.T. queens and kings apparel.

Some of the topics that were mentioned were:

1. Why is Philly burning? (Philly’s in the top 10 cities for most STD’s!)
2. Why are teens not strapping up?
3. YOLO!!!
4. Getting naked for social media
5. Is it Beyonce or Lil Waynes fault?
6. Who’s fault is it that you got burnt?
7. Do you need to get tested?

The documentary features DJ Damage (Radio Personality for Hot 107.9/BET On-Air Personality 106th & Park), GoGo Morrow (Singer, Songwriter Dancer – Toured w/Lady Gaga), Melissa Hopely –(International Speaker) and Lafayette Kanard (Philly Stylist & Designer).

DP: Patryk Depa High DEPinition
ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS & WRITERS: Tobi Gadison and Ayla Tolosa
MUSIC BY: DJ Travelling Miles and Shawn from Cali

Please share the video! Thank you for watching!

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  1. Miss Elisa K. 7 years ago

    This documentary is awesome. Heard about it a few weeks ago. It’s great to see it.

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