K.R.T. x Harvard Law School

K.R.T. x Harvard Law School
March 27, 2013 Curran

IMG_3678“Kings Inspire Harvard Law School “

For the first time since its existence, the prestigious Harvard law school was a long awaited participant of the 39th annual regional law school basketball tournament, held on March 9 – 10,2013 at the western New England law school in Springfield , Massachusetts.  Harvard law school and K.R.T recently joined forces and collaborated for the optimum experience.

Both parties agreed to come up with a jersey concept that would represent K.R.T and Harvard in the best manner for the Tournament. We also posted 4 version of the jersey on our social media platforms and let our supporters decide which jersey they like the best. The partnership exemplifies how “kings rule together” throughout life and on the court. Our team made it all the way to the Championship game beating every team by more then 20 until we lost in a hard fought Championship game to Brooklyn Law.

This opportunity set up a foundation for future endeavors for the K.R.T brand. Check out the photos of our nations future lawyers wearing K.R.T. X Harvard Law School team jerseys. – K.R.T.

photo (21) The four options we came up with for the collaboration. Option 1 got the most votes from our supporters via our social media outlets.

IMG_3724 This photo was taken inside of Ames Court room inside of the Harvard Law School

IMG_3696 The K.R.T. crest on the back of the jerseys with names/nicknames and #’s.
       IMG_3750 Even though Muhammad and myself didn’t play we had to be dressed for the occasion.

IMG_3944Even though we didn’t come in first place(second place) it was ultimately a victory for us. This demonstrated Young Kings coming together and inspiring greatness.

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