We Culture!

We Culture!
January 13, 2014 Curran


“Through unity and positivity almost all things are possible.” 

#WECULTURE | January 5th, 2013 was a great day in Philadelphia.  Uncool Chuck owner of Righteous Rebel Denim & Apparel united some of Philadelphia’s influential creatives for an iconic and historical portrait in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art that represents the energy and new renaissance taking place in Philadelphia. The building (art) and its steps (iconic to Philadelphia) represent everything that this photo exude.

Here’s what Chuck had to say about putting this shoot together…

“The reason I chose to embark on the project was because I wanted give a visual to the ideas of unity and positivity. I also wanted to do something that could represent the growing, creative sub-culture of Philadelphia. Gathering all of those creative and influential individuals in one space at one moment in time to capture a photograph is not only historic, iconic and legendary, but is also a testament to the willingness of people to set aside what they have going on in their respective lives for the sake of something positive. The main goal i want to come from this project is to shine a light… or brighter light on the creative and artistic individuals of Philadelphia. Also, I hope the photo stands the tests of time and that it not only becomes an example to Philadelphia but to people everywhere; that through unity and positivity almost all things are possible.” – @Uncool_Chuck

Check out more behind the scenes photos here


Photo by Darren Burton


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