K.R.T. at Neo Daviso 1st Annual Dodge Ball Tournament

K.R.T. at Neo Daviso 1st Annual Dodge Ball Tournament
February 28, 2014 Curran

“A Game of Giving”

What do you get when you fill a gymnasium floor with countless dodge-balls and Philadelphia’s top entrepreneurs? A head to head battle for your life! Imagine, ducking from lightning speed dodge balls being thrown at your face from every direction. This might sound like an intense game, but it was all for fun and giving to the Nehemiah Davis Foundation.

The 1st Annual Dodgeball Tournament Fundraiser had some fierce competition with over 40 teams, but Team K.R.T. came to play! Giving back is always a joy, however this event really brought out the kids in everyone as we ran, jumped, leaped and dodged about.

With the proceeds from the event, the Nehemiah Davis Foundation was able to send 30 children to their annual ski trip. Being reminded how much fun it is being a kid, we know the children will have a great time on the slopes. We’re thankful to be apart of the cause, until next time.- K.R.T

Photography by J Forte Studios 

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