A Queen’s Read: Gentlewoman ft Ni’ma Ford

A Queen’s Read: Gentlewoman ft Ni’ma Ford
May 19, 2014 Curran

“In a lawless land, we must rebrand, re-establish and reintroduce the beautiful art of etiquette.” – Enitan Bereola II

In today’s society, ‘etiquette’, may seem like a foreign word although it was something only sacred to our grandmothers. However, all is not lost! Thankfully, author, Enitan Bereola II has brought etiquette back to life for the modern woman with his newly released book Gentlewoman: “Etiquette For A Lady, From A Gentleman”. 

While staying fresh and fun Bereola puts a nice spin on classic education and empowerment. Bereola covers a wide range of subjects and making sure you’re covered in all departments of life. He speaks about manners as most etiquette books do, then there’s style, fitness & wellness and of course it wouldn’t be complete without discussing dating.

Now some may be giving this book the side eye as it was written by a man yet targeted towards women. However, don’t fear the author comes in peace, as he uses knowledge and insight shared from influential women such as family to celebrity friends, like actress Meagan Good, Michelle Williams and Barbara Lee, just to name a few.

With his appreciation for a woman’s femininity and class, Gentlewoman is a pleasant read that will make you feel empowered and informed, to the point you may even have to pass it along to another Queen.

In celebration of the book, K.RT. created an editorial inspired by the books charm; pairing visuals with some of our favorite quotes. Similar to a previous post A King’s Read, highlighting Bereola first book Bereolaesque.

I hope you enjoy the photos and don’t forget to grab yourself a copy of Gentlewoman. – K.R.T.


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Creative Director: Curran J & Ni’ma Ford
Model: Ni’ma Ford
Photographer: Darren Burton
Set Design: Alicia DeLarge
Wardrobe: Dom Streater s/s14, Zumba 



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