Retail From A Search and Rescue Perspective

Retail From A Search and Rescue Perspective
May 14, 2014 Curran

”custom furnishings helps support retail”

Retail has evolved into more then just the type of fabrics, prints and cuts a person is wearing. The consumer and the buyer are now paying more attention to the overall concept and the details of a stores environment.  Whether it be where the clothes are being hung, the front widow display, where you are able to lounge while in someones store etc.

ACF + BKc POP-UP SHOP from GIL-TA on Vimeo.

Having an intriguing or artistic store layout encourages the consumer to spend more money because they see that the retailer cares more. Thats why my good friends over at Search and Rescue who provides custom furnishings and investitures for todays most prominent global fashion trade shows & brick and mortars are so relevant and an essential for any person in the retail industry. Their principal mission behind any endeavor is to provide original, alluring, quality material; while providing any installation with an inside perspective on premier fashion and culture.

In this video you can see some of the most respected curators in the fashion global marketplace, whom have changed the perspective of retail, culture and have opened themselves to possibilities beyond familiarity.  Showcasing how the world of fashion leaders come together to support commerce; an innovative and groundbreaking initiative between art, culture and how custom furnishings help support retail. – K.R.T.

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