K.R.T. 3rd Annual Tees Vs Tanks Recap

K.R.T. 3rd Annual Tees Vs Tanks Recap
June 25, 2014 Curran

“Collective Economics”  

Fashion and basketball are some of the leading trends in the urban community, so why not create something special for the two to coexist? Every year, Kings Rule Together hosts a ‘Tees Vs. Tanks’ brand basketball tournament for both established and upcoming brands. This event is not only a great networking outlet, but also creates an opportunity for the brands to showcase their craft in a competitive yet friendly environment- the basketball court.


New to some, heavily anticipated for many, the tournament is a great way to bring local brands together. Created in 2010 from a photo shoot highlighting some of the top clothing brands in Philadelphia HERE, K.R.T’s managed to create an annual event that continues to grow each year at Parkside Evans Playground located in West Philadelphia. With sponsors like Philly360, FamJuice and RuVilla, we were able to make this year better then ever, a total of 18 brands (10 returning brands and 8 newcomers). We also gave donations to the Big Brothers Big Sisters Southeastern Pennsylvania (BBBS SEPA). With the combination of our two hosts, Producer & Reebok Ambassador Dilemma, and Singer/Host Tiger, adding local dj, DJ Ricochet on the ‘ones and twos’, this year was actioned packed.

The competition level this year was also at an all time high. Dom representing the brand Vison took home the 3pt contest trophy as he knocked down 8 of 15 shots. Adding a slam dunk contest this year, Dwayne representing West Philly’s own Chill Moody’s nicethings team, took home the crown. Team nicethings is is no stranger to Tees Vs Tanks, as they have reached the finals for the second time in 3 years, unfortunately losing both times. 2012’s champion was Bellargo, but this year Shaheed Rucker’s brand Anderung took home the grand prize trophies, $500 cash prize, photo shoot with photographer Darren Burton, video shoot with Derrick Woodyard and of course, the bragging rights for an entire year and some. Congrats to them!

Until next year or sooner. Stay tuned! – K.R.T

#TeesVsTanks Participating Teams:

  1. Anderung@anderungclothing
  2. Neo Daviso@NeoDaviso
  3. Duke & Winston: @duke&winston
  4. Milli Wear: @Milliwear
  5. Vision: @vsn1921 
  6. Zombieflyd: @zombieflydforever
  7. Hey: @HeyHaiti
  8. GeekClothing: @NerdLeel @geek_clothinginc
  9. Hardwear Fashion: @hardwearfashion
  10. nicethings: @chillmoody
  11. TOBH: @kducketts 
  12. Fadinky Clothing: @FadinkyKollections
  13. IRockMikes: @Irockmikescom 
  14. Amore Fraterno: @amorefraterno1682
  15. Pare B Clothing@parebclothing.com
  16. Villa: @Ruvilla
  17. DNTN: @Dntnthebrand
  18. Kings Rule Together: @KingsRuleTogether 

Photography by @DarrenBurton_


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